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Corp Legex Partners (Advocates & Solicitors) Launches As A Boutique Full-Service Law Firm

Corp Legex Partners (Advocates & Solicitors) recently launched as a boutique full-service law firm with specialization in the sphere of corporate legal services. Corp Legex is dedicated to addressing a wide range of legal issues with a focus on leveraging knowledge, experience, and skill to resolve critical matters efficiently.

The firm is founded by Suman Kumar Jha and Afnaan Siddiqui (Co-Founder). Suman Kumar Jha is a distinguished Lawyer, a law graduate from Delhi University, and a Company Secretary with a decade of experience, is renowned for his expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Corporate Transactions. He has counselled major corporations, government bodies, and international clients, leading high-stakes M&A transactions and bringing a wealth of experience to his new venture.

The firm is founded with a robust team comprising 10 partners, each an expert in different legal domains with a strong advisory board, and nearly 20 associates. This diverse team includes advocates, retired judges, chartered accountants, company secretaries, and former regulators. Together, they provide comprehensive support to clients on transactional, advisory, litigation, regulatory, and tax matters, across India and globally.

The establishment of Corp Legex marks Jha’s commitment to exploring and expanding services within the corporate legal domain. He believes there is substantial opportunity in the market for high-quality legal work. Prior to founding his own firm, Jha was in a leadership position at a leading law firm handling the M&A and Transaction Advisory team.

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With its strong foundation and expert team, Corp Legex is poised to make a significant impact in the legal industry, delivering exceptional service and expertise to its clients. The head office of the firm is situated at Delhi NCR with its other offices at Chandigarh, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.

Find their website HERE.

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