Sourajit Bhattacharyya

Co-Founder & Head, Client Relations

Sourajit is a seasoned legal tech and business development professional with more than 5 years’ experience in guiding advocates, law firms, litigation chambers expand their practice through strategic levaraging of tech and content. His background in legal education and acquaintance with BCI rules and restrictions makes him the go-to choice for lawyers who are looking to take their practice to the next level.

Before starting the firm, he used to work as a ghostwriter and freelance consultant for AORs and law firm partners pan-India. Through the firm, launched in 2022, Sourajit has so far catered to over 350+ advocates and law firms from over 20 cities across the country as well as from foreign jurisdictions like UAE, Bangladesh & Australia.

Sourajit is also an external consultant with Lawfinity Solutions, a leading PR firm catering to growing law firms in India.

When he is not working, you will find him binging on a highly rated television series or trying out new cafes around Delhi-NCR.

Aliasgar Barodawala

Co-Founder, Design & Tech Head

With more than five years of expertise in the design industry, Ali is a seasoned co-founder who skillfully oversees every technological part of the company. Focusing mostly on user interfaces & experiences, Ali has worked with several companies and startups, developing his abilities and picking up insightful knowledge in the process.

His work exhibits his love for developing design solutions, as shown in the way he skillfully combines the newest design trends with established techniques to produce outstanding outcomes.

He says ‘I am too busy for a photo, zyada important cheezein hai life mein.’

Vaishnavi Ghongade

Lead Consultant, Legal Content

Vaishnavi is the creative force behind the words and compelling content at Ghostline Legal! With a professional degree in law and a passion for writing that’s as strong as her morning black coffee, Vaishnavi brings over four years of experience to the table.

While her heart may have led her down the path of content writing, her legal expertise ensures that every word she crafts is not just engaging but legally sound. Whether she’s untangling complex legal jargon or putting together engaging articles, in the era of AI generated articles Vaishnavi seamlessly blends human touch with professionalism to deliver content that is informative and simple.

When she’s not busy penning down legal masterpieces, you can find Vaishnavi indulging in her guilty pleasure – a plate of mouth-watering garlic bread and pasta, because let’s face it, even legal eagles need to refuel with some cheesy goodness!

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