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Legal Content/Blogging

Legal Content/Blogging

Words That Win: Take Your Services To The Right Audience With Content That Delivers

We know exactly how particular legal professionals tend to be about their website and website content. This is why we have put in place a systematic process that yields great, SEO-powered content that makes an impact and delivers results.

At Ghostline Legal, we are committed to help your practice reach newer heights like never before. Our qualified team will help your law firm/company develop its own unique identity that creates a lasting impact on your intended demographic. 

Our Content Offerings

Informational Articles

This includes articles involving explaining and analysing the law on a subject, explaining a new statute or directive or exploring a specific legal issue or provision.

Recent Events And Updates

At Ghostline Legal, we have a dedicated team for clients looking to publish the latest legal events and news pertaining to their practice areas.

Case Studies

Case analyses account for a good chunk of legal literature that is published across the internet and are important from an SEO perspective. We understand and respect the diligence it takes to write quality case studies.

How-To Guides

Investing time in how-to and instructional guides is an effective content marketing strategy for lawyers. Putting together a how-to guide on a specific legal process is a great way to demonstrate expertise and add value.

Legal Study Material

Are you an educational institute looking to compile study material in bulk? We have been there, done that- for judiciary coaching institutes, CLAT coaching institutes and more.


Listicles offer an innovative approach to presenting complicated legal information in a simple and easy to absorb manner.
Our Content Is

1. Plagiarism-Free

2. Extensively Researched, Detail Oriented

3. Coherently Structured, Simple To Read & Understand

4. Fact-Checked And Edited To Perfection

5. Free From Grammatical And Structural Errors

Start Your Legal Content Journey With Us in 3 Easy Steps


Contact Us

Get in touch with us through call, text or email and our team will respond on the same day.


Understanding Your Specific Needs

We try to understand exactly what your end-game with the service is so we can provide comprehensive assistance for the best possible outcome.


Taking Action

We get to work on the deliverables, keeping you in the loop at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is known for writing excellent content across all subjects of law including criminal law and procedure, civil law and procedure, corporate law, cyber law, fashion law, banking and finance law, maritime law, contract law, alternative dispute resolution, human rights law, taxation law, real estate law, constitutional law, environmental law, immigration law, family law, labour law, media law, intellectual property law, bankruptcy law, mergers and acquisitions law, military law, administrative law, healthcare law, sports law and more.

Every member in our content writing team has a concrete background in legal academia and experience in drafting and publishing comprehensive articles. Their skillset enables them to exercise command over a variety of legal subjects with relative easy. Whatever be your requirement, you get top-notch legal content, every time. 

The time taken to write and deliver content at any given point of time depends on how much we have on our plate at the moment. While we do accommodate urgent submission requests, it is likely that we will set up a timeline for the submissions when you engage us in the first place. We prioritise our deadlines over anything else and are willing to go the extra mile to keep our promises.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we charge the client for legal content in either of two ways: per word basis (for a solitary or lesser number of articles) or per article basis (for clients with a long-term requirement). We also offer great value packages to clients who require a fixed number of articles on a rolling basis.

What we write on is 100% the discretion of the client. Usually we are provided with exact topics before we commence work. Sometimes, the client asks us for recommendations- and we are more than happy to help!

Every once in a while, what we have submitted and what the client was looking for may not bear resemblance. This is why we have not limited the number of revisions to our submissions. We are good at what we do and wish to get it right for our clients each time.

Improve legal expertise and increase industry authority with our expert legal content writing services. Contact us to achieve your goals.

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