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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Your law firm website is a crucial asset that needs constant nurture. Search Engine Optimisation can help it reach its full potential.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the primary drivers of traffic and clients for law firms, but it is not always straightforward to determine the right way to go about it.

After all, law is a highly competitive niche, and there are a lot of hoops lawyers have to jump through in regard to marketing their services online. Due to the often sensitive nature of some practice areas (think Real Estate or Intellectual Property), law firms need to take a strategic and creative approach if they want to attract more clients from Google.

The good news is that the fundamentals of an SEO-friendly website are pretty consistent across the board. A website that is user-friendly targets the right search terms. It provides valuable content to potential clients who are over halfway there when it comes to satisfying the search engine algorithms.

Our SEO Services

Health Check

The SEO team at Ghostline Legal helps you identify your legal website’s digital health issues that can hamper your campaign performance and bleed revenue. We help you plug those gaps with technical SEO.


Keyword research is the stepping stone of SEO. As India’s leading legal marketing firm, we do in-depth keyword research analysis. We have the best and qualified team of experts who do keyword research on the right and potential keywords.

Technical On-Page Optimisation

Our team has an in-depth understanding of on-page SEO techniques. We work on website navigation, design, optimized content with high ranking keywords, backlinks, SEO headers in content and hundreds of many other factors

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Why Should You Improve Your SEO?

High organic rankings are vital to your law firm’s growth. The higher your firm’s website appears in the SERPs, the more likely a prospective client will visit your page. 

1. Improvement in the overall ranking of the website

2. Higher brand credibility and trust, people trust Google

3. Increase in number of visitors to the website

4. Achieve better client acquisition rates

5. Better Return on Investment (ROI)

6. Provides 24/7 Organic Promotion without additional expenses

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building a growing web presence will your business help reach more new customers and prospects while increasing contact with existing customers. Your competitors are growing their web presence, so if you aren’t growing yours then you are falling behind.

People search the web for a business, product or service in different ways. Some people will use familiar search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). Some people will utilize social media such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. There are numerous additional ways Internet users find businesses and these methods continue to evolve at a rapid rate. The more places your business has a presence, the more likely your business will be found.

GhostLine Legal is India’s leading legal marketing firm for law firms, legal service providers and practising advocates.

  • To optimize your web presence and visibility.
  • To build better branding and positioning for your business, products and services.
  • To increase the online credibility and trust for your business.
  • To identify your services’ most effective keywords.
  • To rank higher in the search engines.
  • To increase traffic from potential customers.
  • To increase the number of repeat visitors and customers. To Grow Your Business – $$$

Your presence here, on our site, right now, is proof that SEO is thriving and alive. It is not going to die any sooner, not in this decade at least. As the SEO graphs show, it has evolved with time and has become more organic and an integral part of the massive amounts of content being published daily. SEO will, in fact, continue to evolve in the future. Irrespective of various advancements in technology, the natural human tendency to search for information will never change. And as such, SEO is the best way to provide that information to humans through the internet.

The future looks good for SEO in India and worldwide. Newer online tools and search engines are evolving daily, transforming the online landscape in the blink of an eye. And, we might see a day when Google is not the most sought-after search engine. But whether it is Google or another search engine in the forefront, the fact that Search Engine Optimization will be necessary to search for information online is a clear sign of how SEO is here to stay.

SEO is an ongoing process as your competitors always try hard to fetch your place on the ranking table, hence executing SEO for a particular time period is never a promising idea. On the other way round, one cannot expect that he/she will invest once & rule the 1st place in search engines for life-time. Nothing is permanent- neither the rankings, nor the algorithms. Google keeps on updating its algorithm every now & then for better user experience; hence one needs to keep his SEO strategy implementation at its best. year, and design and content charges.

Looking for online visibility for your legal venture? Our SEO experts are capable of catering to your every need.

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