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5 Top Litigation Law Firms in Kolkata

Looking for a law firm in the city of Kolkata specialising in litigation services or consultancy for your legal needs? In this article, Team Ghostline Legal has compiled a list of the top 5 litigation law firms in Kolkata. Happy reading!

Kshetry and Associates

About the firm:Kshetry and Associates, a prominent law firm in Kolkata, was founded in 2009 and is renowned for its extraordinary litigation services. The firm is a specialist in a wide range of legal disputes, such as commercial, criminal, and civil litigation. Their team of seasoned solicitors offers comprehensive legal representation and strategic legal advice in a variety of courts and tribunals. Additionally, they are responsible for arbitration and mediation, which guarantees a thorough resolution of disputes. 

The client-centric approach of the firm is renowned for its ability to provide customised legal solutions that are customised to satisfy the specific requirements of each case. Their commitment to the preservation of justice and the provision of exceptional legal services has established them as one of the most reputable litigation firms in Kolkata.



Jus novum

About the firm: Jus novum has a team of top-rated professionals with domain expertise in diverse legal matters exhibiting proven competence and integrity with a unique combination of local insights and global perspectives.

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We deal with litigation and non-litigation matters for individuals and corporate houses in the Supreme Court of India, State High Courts and Judicial & Quasi-judicial Tribunals.



A.K Legal Advisors 

About the firm: AK Legal Advisors is a distinguished law firm in Kolkata that specialises in a variety of litigation-related areas. The firm provides a wide range of legal services, including criminal law, civil law, and family disputes. Their team of seasoned solicitors is proficient in the management of intricate cases with professionalism and efficiency. They offer specialist advice and representation in criminal proceedings, such as police investigations, FIRs, bail applications, and trial advocacy. Furthermore, they oversee civil disputes, property disputes, and family law matters, including child custody, divorce, and alimony. The firm is renowned for its client-centric approach, which guarantees that each case is addressed with compassion and individuality.



Banerjee Law Chambers Advocates 

About the firm:  Based in Kolkata, Banerjee Law Chambers provides a wide range of litigation services in a variety of legal fields. The firm is renowned for its proficiency in the drafting of legal documents and its representation in a variety of courts of law, such as the High Courts, Commercial Courts, District and Sessions Courts, and Lower Courts.

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Their services include representation before a variety of tribunals, including the National Company Law Tribunal, Arbitral Tribunals, Debt Recovery Tribunals, and the Securities Appellate Tribunal. Furthermore, they are responsible for administrative authority matters that pertain to the Registrar of Companies, SEBI, and RBI. The firm also offers pre-litigation advice to clients, guiding them in comprehending the potential repercussions of litigation and suggesting alternative solutions when feasible.



S. Dutt & Co

About the firm: Based in Kolkata, S. Dutta & Co. is a firm that specialises in litigation. They offer comprehensive legal services in a variety of fields, such as dispute resolution for real estate and property, cyber law, and more. Their litigation services include drafting and appearances in a variety of courts, including the High Courts, Commercial tribunals, District and Sessions Courts, and lower tribunals. Furthermore, they manage cases in a variety of tribunals, such as the National Company Law Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunals, and the Securities Appellate Tribunal.



(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms)


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