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5 Top Labour and Employment Law Firms in Kochi

Looking for top labour and employment law firms in Kochi for legal advisory or litigation? In this article, our team has prepared a list of the Top 5 Labour & Employment Law Firms in the city of Kochi. Read on!

DictumNET Legal and Compliance Consulting

About the firm: We take pride in being among the leading Law Compliance Consultancy Companies in India, offering the best business consultancy services across the country. Over the years, we have expanded our portfolio in terms of service, and presently, we operate Pan-India.

We find pleasure in collaborating with our clients, assisting them in building their businesses seamlessly. Our range of compliance management services as best business legal compliance consultants in India enables our clients to adhere to established norms and, thereby, save time and funds



VJ Mathew & Co.

About the firm: VJ Mathew & Co. International Law Firm,  established in 1983 a full service firm is known as one among the top ranked Transport law firm in India specialised in Maritime, Admiralty, Shipping  & Aviation Law.

Our firm is headed by VJ Mathew, designated Senior Advocate having over 41 years of active national and international law practice particularly in  Indian High Courts, Supreme Court of India, National and International Arbitration Tribunals.

Sr. Adv. VJ Mathew a lawyer known for his wide range of shipping expertise and law practice, professionalism, highest standard of ethics and commitment  towards  clients,  who also travels extensively in India and abroad . He is recommended by Legal 500, Lloyds, P & I clubs, ship owners, charterers, ship management companies, agents, shipping trade, aviation, airline companies and such other corporate  organizations. VJ Mathew is regarded as one among the top ranked shipping – maritime, aviation  lawyer in India and leading among very few designated senior counsels in India specialised in the subject of maritime  and aviation laws.

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B.S. Krishnan Associates

About the firm: B.S. Krishnan Associates was formed in the year 1956 and the firm specializes in Corporate Litigation with special emphasis on Labour and Service issues, Banking Law, etc. The firm also undertakes Arbitration, Taxation related services, and Intellectual Property matters and is a leading law firm in Kerala with clientele boasting Public Companies, Central & State Government Undertakings & Multinational Corporations.

The firm offers a full range of legal services with resources that are equipped to meet any and all commitments it undertakes.



Brands and Bonds

About the firm: Brands & Bonds was founded in 2013 by four friends turned partners – a venture that strengthened the bond of collegial friendship that began in the late nineties.

The partners worked in different legal vertices since 2000, honing their legal skills and expanding the scope of their experience, before joining forces to create the powerhouse that is Brands & Bonds. Brands & Bonds was established with the prime motive of providing the entire gamut of legal services under one roof. Every partner plays to their strength, though there have been many occasions when four brilliant legal minds have come together to get the best outcome for the client.

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As a firm, we do not rest on our laurels; we accord prime importance to legal research and continuous learning, staying updated with changing laws and policies. This sets the stage for us to strategise and implement commercially sound, result-oriented solutions to clients.

Brands & Bonds is profoundly proud of the quality of professional talent it fosters and invests substantial time in providing comprehensive training and research. Brands & Bonds accords prime importance to be informed of new legislations and its impact internationally and hence constantly updates its think tank repository.



GGP Law Partners

About the Firm: GGP Law Partners is a law firm located in Kochi, Kerala, India. Advocate George G Poothicote, a senior lawyer in our firm is a well-established lawyer icon in the legal world. His expertise is our core strength for our firm to ponder for continuing a long run in Legal Arena. Our Absolute wealth is the client base that we are in touch with and we are confident in delivering the happiest clients with our expertized team. We are one of the best law firms in Kochi who are specialized in property law, corporate law, arbitration and other business law matters, listed in the best property lawyers Kochi category and the best corporate lawyers in Cochin region.



(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms.)


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