5 Top Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firms in Mumbai

Looking for a law firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) law services in Mumbai? In this article, Team Ghostline Legal has compiled a list of the top 5 Intellectual Property (IP) law firms in Mumbai. Happy reading!

VS IPR & Legal Advisors LLP

About the firm: VS IPR and Legal Advisors LLP was founded in the year 2015. The firm specializes in the areas of Legal, Corporate laws, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Domestic and International level. The firm has a Registered office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The firm also helps startups with compliances, registrations of ISO certificates, FSSAI, Shop Establishment (Gumasta) license, GST registration, GEM registration, Company registrations, etc.

Furthermore, through publishing of researched Articles/Newsletters/Clients Updates covering latest business and regulatory developments, the Firm ensures that Clients are duly compliant to regulatory requirements and well informed to deal with emerging business situations and challenges.

Website: https://vslegalindia.com/

Email: process@vslegalindia.com

ANA Law Group

About the firm: ANA Law Group has a distinguished intellectual property practice and represents a niche clientele. The Firm’s IP clients include top multinational corporations including a large number of pharmaceutical companies, universities and educational institutions, etc. The Firm manages the trade mark portfolios for prestigious and valuable brands across India and the nearby Asian countries. The Firm’s IP team comprises of Indian and internationally qualified and experienced attorneys and former senior officials of Indian IP Offices who have vast statutory and practical knowledge and exposure in all areas of IP laws. The solution-driven pragmatic IP advice coupled with speed, consistency, quality and ability to deliver under pressure are the unique attributes of the Firm’s IP practice.

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Website: https://www.anaassociates.com/

Email: https://www.anaassociates.com/contact-us/

Gokhale & Associates

About the firm: Gokhale and Associates – a law firm started by Mr. Avinash Gokhale and Mrs. Shruti Gokhale in 2017. Gokhale & Associates offers an overall solution for the full range of clients’ legal needs. The Intellectual Property Wing is headed by Ms. Shruti Gokhale which caters to – registration of Trademark and Copyright. The firm’s associates are well-qualified legal professionals. Their training and experience enable us to provide a high standard of advice and legal expertise in every case. Apart from being knowledgeable in the law, and legal advisory, we understand that what ultimately matters to our clients is the outcome. We make it our business to set and manage realistic expectations.

With an office located in Colaba Fort, James Gokhale & Associates provides clients with a central and accessible place to meet our associates.

Website: https://gokhaleandassociates.in/

Email: ip@gokhaleandassociates.in

Invictus IP

Invictus IP is one of the Top intellectual property law firms in India providing all intellectual property services for Patents, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Copyrights, Trade secrets for clients in India and around the world. Their Patent & Trademark Attorneys are technically qualified with an expert legal understanding of Intellectual Property Law giving them the right competitive edge in the field.

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Website: https://invictusip.co/

Email: info@invictusip.co

Agnihotri & Jha Associates

About the firm: Agnihotri & Jha Associates is committed to protecting its clients’ intellectual property rights across the globe. They have provided comprehensive legal and intellectual property services assistance since 2002. Leading the group of twenty-one accomplished professionals is a pair of renowned partners with extensive backgrounds in cyber law.

The practice areas of the firm include patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs, IT-based solutions, franchising, licensing, assignment, semiconductor integrated circuit layout design, and non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. In addition, we handle all aspects of domain name ownership law, including registration and usage. The company has successfully worked with clients in a variety of sectors, including computer engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, e-commerce, electronics and communications, mechanical, and pharmaceuticals.

Website: https://adjlegal.com/

Email: info@adjlegal.com

(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms)


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