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5 Top Criminal Law Firms in Kochi

Looking for top criminal law firms in Kochi for legal advisory or litigation? In this article, our team has prepared a list of the Top 5 Criminal Law Firms in the city of Kochi. Read on!

RJ Legal Associates

About the firm: RJ Legal Associates is a well-known law practice located in Kochi, Kerala, recognised for its extensive legal services and strong client representation. With a dedicated team of High Court Lawyers proficient in a wide array of legal domains, RJ Legal Associates offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific needs. 

RJ Legal Associates specializes in Criminal Law and the criminal defense lawyers provide robust representation and strategic advocacy, safeguarding the interests at every step of the legal process.



M.B Sandeep Associates 

About the firm: MB Sandeep Associates is a prominent legal practice located in Cochin, Kerala. They specialize in Criminal, Civil, and Family law. Established in 2011 by Adv. M.B. Sandeep and co-founded by Adv. Priya Ravi, the firm has a significant representation in the High Court of Kerala and other judicial bodies. The organization is committed to reducing unnecessary litigation and actively safeguarding client interests with a team of five specialized partners and a network throughout Kerala.


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John Mani V Associates 

About the firm: John Mani V and Associates, established by Advocate John Mani V in 2007, is a leading legal company in Kochi, Kerala. John Mani V, a NUALS, Kochi alumnus, has been recognised for his achievements, including being named the Best Junior Lawyer of the Kerala High Court and serving as an Executive Committee Member of the Kerala High Court Advocates Association.

The company specializes in criminal law, namely dealing with situations related to corruption, economic offenses, and other similar matters. Renowned for their exemplary professionalism and highly skilled legal staff, they provide legal representation to clients in a wide range of courts, including the esteemed High Court of Kerala and the prestigious Supreme Court.



J.A. Legal Advocates & Associates

About the firm: The Primoris Law is an international law firm established in the year 2003. The firm has its cross border advisory jurisdiction in India and GCC region. The Primoris Law firm serves their clients through the offices in India, UAE and Qatar. The direct presence of the firm in India is in New Delhi and Cochin

The Primoris Law Firm is equipped with a team of Advocates who are experienced to handle litigation in Supreme Court of India and various state High Courts, Appellate Tribunals, Magistrate Courts, Family Courts, Tribunals and all the judicial and quasi judicial forums established in India. As the Advocates are equipped with the skill and expertise to provide service in any subject of litigation in any level of Courts, it is an added advantage to the clients to get easy solutions for their legal issues. The areas of Litigation Services in India provided by Primoris Law Firm include Criminal Law.

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Maheshwari & Co.

About the firm: Maheshwari & Co. possesses a group of proficient litigation attorneys who are very skilled in managing criminal cases in many legal arenas. They provide legal representation for clients in courts, tribunals, and regulatory organizations, giving customized legal strategies that handle difficulties and restrictions relevant to their industry.



(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms)


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