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Web Designing

Client Name: VK Bansal & Associates

Sector: Real Estate Law Firm based in Delhi, India

About the Client

In 1994, Mr. VK Bansal embarked on his legal journey, establishing his practice in Gurgaon. Since then, he has traversed a remarkable path, expanding his presence across the National Capital Region [NCR], advocating tirelessly before esteemed courts such as the Punjab & Haryana High Court, Delhi High Court, as well as various lower courts and tribunals.

In 2017, fuelled by a passionate team of legal experts committed to a singular cause, Mr. VK Bansal laid the foundation of V.K. Bansal & Associates. This specialized firm was crafted to address the complexities of Real Estate Disputes and Allied Laws, delving into realms such as Property matters, Insolvency, Product/Service Liability, and Consumer Claims, among other interconnected areas of legal practice.

What we did?

The client being a leading law firm in the real estate domain was looking for a website for having a strong online presence to connect with our clients and expand our business. We designed a clean and modern website that perfectly represents their brand. The sleek layout makes it easy for visitors to find information about our services, team, and expertise in real estate law. We made the website navigation arrange everything logically, so whether you’re looking for the firm’s contact details or want to read about recent cases, it’s all just a few clicks away. We have also added a dedicated carousel for client testimonials.

This allows the firm to share positive feedback and build trust with new visitors, showcasing the quality of their services through real client experiences. We effectively completed the development of a website that accurately fulfilled the client’s requirements.

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