Things To Remember While Employing A PR Strategy For Your Law Firm

The ever-evolving way in which business, trade and commerce is conducted has encouraged the public relations sector. PR contributes to the promotion and publicity of the particular company or organisation that successfully and strategically employs it. Several agencies have mushroomed which specialise in this task.

‘Public relations’ or PR is a tool to leverage the plethora of opportunities afloat in the economy. The survival of a company in this techno-savvy world is heavily dependent upon the PR techniques since it is assists an organisation to reach its target consumer. In fact, law firms cannot afford to neglect the power of strong public relations which can facilitate its client base. For any law firm, the first thought that crosses the mind of an aggrieved person is the means through which he can get his matter settled. Applying a carefully curated PR strategy can make a law firm easily approachable as the first step of closing a potential client. In a free-competitive economy, public relations can uplift a law firm, making it stand out in the crowd.

However, it is of paramount importance to identify the correct strategy, the appropriate PR agency specialised for a law firm, understand the precautions and consequences of employing a PR strategy and whether at all a PR strategy is needed.

Here are certain tips if your law firm is looking for the things to consider while employing a PR strategy:

A Blueprint Of The Goals Of The Firm

Ascertaining a goal for your law firm is the first step that needs to be taken. The purpose of the firm is then conveyed to the public to sensitise them about the same through public relations or PR. PR finds its purpose in communicating this goal to the people and offer them the solution that would otherwise go unnoticed. On the basis of the goal set, the PR campaigns, events, and other internal and external activities to promote the firm will be executed.

The goal of the firm acts like a GPS for the PR agent or the agency for employing its techniques in order to bring the firm closer to the common people. This will also help in managing the amount of time, money and resources that your firm will need to invest in different PR strategies.

The PR Strategy Must Be Specific To The Industry

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A law firm must consider employing a PR strategy that will be unique to their approach and specialisation. Law and legal turmoil have several facets to be catered to. The correct mode of redressal, the lengthy processes involved, the drafting of pleadings and conveyances, the cost including the fees of the advocates and other expenses behind the procedures, client counselling, the institution of the matter and the execution of the decree- a PR strategy for a law firm should account for everything and be comprehensive in its nature.

Therefore, if the PR agency is not focused on the particulars of the profession, it does not bear any benefit to the client or the firm. If the PR agency or the agent is not aware of the recent trends in the legal fraternity, the amendments in the domestic legal frame work and the procedural and substantive aspects of the legal profession, it will fail to meet the demands of the firm and disappoint the client base. A mistake in understanding what your company or firm needs can lead to major PR disasters.

The Credibility Of The PR Agency Or Agent

Ensure that that PR agencies have a reputation and a track record of their own which speaks of their credibility. As a law firm, you would hand over them the responsibility of making your firm visible and accessible to the public. Therefore, before employing this strategy it is necessary to trace the goodwill of the PR agency or the agent itself. Their success in the field, their client base and the referrals, the statistical evidence of their activities and the public response to the same can speak volumes of their potential. PR agencies or agents require a background check too.

It avoids any scope for misinterpretation, fraud or misinformation. There is a stiff competition in the PR sector as well which makes people resort to certain unfair means. This could be misleading and the firm might fall in a trap. To avoid these accidents in decision-making, the firm is required to make a choice based on prior-informed consent.

Virtual And Physical Exposure (Buck, 2024)

Social media content across several platforms, images, write ups or blogs and vlogs, and media coverage through journalism, Press interviews and the print media form a crucial part of the PR strategy. Therefore, before employing a PR strategy one needs to be mindful about the methods of virtual and physical exposure. A law firm has to critically examine the extent of and consequence of digital footprints and figure out the most viable way of executing the PR strategies. Creating an impression on the virtual and physical world that stands the test of time should be the aim. There are different stages of a company or a firm.

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The initial days when the firm comes into existence, the intermediary stage when the firm has spent quite a few years in the industry while establishing a successful client base and reputation and the third stage is the continuity in the existence, the survival. Therefore, before employing a PR strategy certain key ingredients such as consistency, contingency plans, periodic changes in the strategy that suits the current stage and content that leaves an everlasting impression, must be your look out.

Leveraging social media for amplification, collaboration with fellow lawyers, content management and marketing collectively constitute an ideal PR technique to achieve persistent availability and accessibility to the general public.

Understand What Is Required And What Is Not

Before employing a PR strategy it is important that your firm understands what is required to be put out there as an information and what is not. Therefore, while designing the PR strategy it is always plausible to balance between newsworthy information and the minute personal changes that take place. Everything is not necessarily going to benefit the people who seek the guidance through their legal problems. At the same time, there are certain protocols to follow to maintain confidentiality.

It could hamper professional ethics if any information encroaching upon the privacy of the client is given out in the name of publicity and promotion. PR strategies including social media channels, content and journalists, need to be delicately handled since it takes seconds to jeopardise the reputation of a law firm when vital information goes beyond its threshold. Therefore, to know the limits of advertising, promotion, publicity, public communication, and brand expansion through media is indispensable. One should know where to stop.

Therefore, it is essential to count the possible consequences of employing a miscalculated PR strategy. Hope this article helped!

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