Sensato Legal Launches As The Premier Destination For Sports-Related Legal Expertise

10 April 2024 – Today marks the official launch of Sensato Legal, a boutique law firm specializing in sports-related disputes, contractual matters, and comprehensive advisory services. Catering to an extensive roster of clients within the sports industry, including athletes, coaches, clubs, agents, federations, and leagues worldwide, Sensato Legal is set to redefine legal support with its client-centric approach and innovative solutions.

Founded by Mr. Deep Ray, a seasoned legal professional with deep industry expertise, Sensato Legal is committed to providing top-tier legal assistance tailored to the unique needs of the sports community. The firm’s specialization encompasses a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, contract negotiations, dispute resolutions, and intellectual property rights, as well as commercial and civil litigation.

“Our vision at Sensato Legal is to offer more than just legal advice. We aim to be strategic partners to our clients, ensuring they not only navigate legal challenges successfully but also seize opportunities to advance their careers and business interests,” said Mr. Ray, founder of Sensato Legal. “In the competitive and ever-changing sports industry, having a legal advisor who understands the nuances and is truly on your side can make all the difference.”

In an effort to reach and assist a global clientele, Sensato Legal is also proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive website, The website is designed to be a resource for clients and the sports community, offering insights into the firm’s services, the latest industry news, and legal perspectives that affect the sports world.

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Sensato Legal distinguishes itself by operating with unparalleled flexibility, adopting forward-thinking strategies, and maintaining a commitment to transparency. This approach ensures that every client receives personalized and effective legal solutions that address their specific challenges and goals.

We are not just attorneys; we are avid sports enthusiasts who understand the passion, the commitment, and the challenges faced by those in the sports industry. At Sensato Legal, we are dedicated to protecting and promoting the interests of our clients, ensuring they have the legal foundation to succeed,” added Tarsh Khanna, partner at Sensato Legal.

For more information about Sensato Legal and to explore how the firm can assist you with your legal needs, please visit

About Sensato Legal: Sensato Legal is a boutique firm specializing in sports-related disputes, contractual and advisory matters. The firm provides its services to athletes, coaches, clubs, agents, federations, leagues, and other stakeholders in the sports industry worldwide, offering comprehensive legal assistance.  

The firm also excels in handling commercial and civil disputes, alongside matters pertaining to Intellectual Property Rights. Sensato Legal operates differently from traditional firms as they are flexible, forward-thinking, committed to providing transparent, and most importantly client-centric legal support.

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