Nishith Desai launches in-house tailored AI bot NaiDA

Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) has introduced NaiDA, an in-house AI bot exclusively tailored for the firm’s legal team to efficiently deliver high-quality services.

Extensive experience, thorough research, training and an innovative culture supports NaiDA’s capabilities.

“The primary advantage is that we are able to leverage our collective experience, past and present, of the people currently in the organisation or exited, to deliver high-quality services in the shortest possible time,” said Nishith Desai, founder of NDA.

“Also, it would minimise unnecessary recruitment and allow us to reward our well-performing talent better in the long run. It helps us to focus on creativity, solutions and innovation.”

NaiDA has been developed with precision acknowledging its need for customisation in client projects. Utilising the advanced GPT-4 model from OpenAI and hosted on AWS servers, NaiDA aims to empower lawyers with intelligent insights in their daily workflow.

“NaiDA has proven to be an invaluable asset, functioning like a personal assistant for our lawyers. Its rapid response time and remarkable accuracy have been consistently highlighted in feedback over the past month,” said Milind Mundankar, chief technology officer of NDA.

“The system’s effectiveness is rooted in the extensive research by NDA and our years of data accumulation, resulting in consistent superior output.”

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The dataset includes cross-industry research papers, M&A labs, hotlines, podcasts, videos, and other content developed over the years. The AI bot facilitates legal research and content integration, offering unexplored possibilities.

“Responding to a specific need from our financial services practice team, we have enhanced NaiDA by integrating SEBI circulars, notifications and orders into its database. NaiDA responses are comprehensive, answering legal queries and providing relevant legal document cross-references,” said Mundankar.

He attributes the reforms and the firm’s initiative to the latest global AI addition, Chat GPT, which “led to the development of NaiDA, a platform exclusively tailored to an in-house database, ensuring queries remain within a secure, on-premises setup”.

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