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Arushi Gupta

Arushi Gupta is an experienced IP Attorney having hands- on experience in assisting and advising national and international clients in various aspects of Intellectual Property, including prosecution of applications for Trademark, Design and Copyright registration. She has, in her experience, rendered opinions and undertaken IP registrations like Trade Marks, Patents and Copyrights of notable companies like Blinkit (formerly known as Grofers), McCain, Boult Audio, Clovia, Sadar24, Zabella, The Big Chill Café, SNEAKARE, Namhya Foods and the like.

She is currently running her own IP boutique firm, Satyaki Legal.

What went behind your decision to enter the legal profession?

Arushi: When I started off my journey into law, I was only an 18-year-old commerce graduate who was determined to do something that would create a landmark in her career. I always wanted to pursue my studies in a subject matter that would enhance my personality and helped me sharpen my intellect. Whilst preparing for various entrance exams like BBA, BBS, I also took up CLAT coaching and found the topics studied to be interesting. That was my initial steps into the realm of law. 

What were and how did you deal with the initial challenges in your career?

Arushi: Initial years in my career were very challenging at Law school as well as when I started working post Law school graduation. At law school, there were a lot of basics to learn as well as the fact that the field, i.e., practical knowledge varied a lot from the textbook knowledge it was very necessary to focus on internships as well. Being a first-generation lawyer, it was very difficult to fathom a lot of it together, so I focused primarily on getting my basics right first and then working from scratch, i.e, trial courts and then I slowly moved my way to IP. 

What excites you most about working as a corporate lawyer?

Arushi: Not just corporate law, but law in general has fascinated me the most, and it doesn’t fail to do so even now. The situations, more so in IP, are always dynamic and how each of these have to be interpreted within the legal outlines of law, this is the most exciting part of my work. We interpret some of the most complicated situations and boil them down to simple terms of agreement, similarly each of the legal strategies that are devised are not planned just with respect to present situation but are also devised futuristically so that the operations of the corporates are hassle free.

What was the idea behind pursuing a boutique IP law firm?

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Arushi: So, for me Intellectual Property has been my favourite subject matter because of its dynamism. It is ever evolving and it continuously subsist to be so. And the fact that it needs its due importance in our country has been the major intent behind starting my own IP firm. In its operations, we encourage the start- ups, which primarily rest and base their operations on an innovative idea, to protect and henceforth promote their intellectual property. 

Describe one incident from your professional life that made you look at things differently.

Arushi: For me, my first work place was an insightful journey. It was at that time that I learnt how different the approach has to be from mere text book lessons. While drafting agreements, I learned the right use of legal language, the art of changing the practical situation into words and it was at that time that I developed my interest for Intellectual Property.   

Running your own firm is a big challenge for any legal practitioner. How did you go about it?

Arushi: Any journey that we embark upon is determined not just by destiny but also by our hard work and conviction. So, while I believe it was my destiny that led me towards it, I also made sure that at each step and pedestal of my career I learnt my way through it and towards this position that I have finally achieved. I worked at trial courts to get my basics right, worked on agreements, interacted with clients often to better understand their needs and also made sure I take up business development tasks at my workplaces side by side. 

How do you think intellectual property trends in India will evolve with time?

Arushi: The growth in Intellectual Property in past half decade has been tremendous. The commencement of Start- Up culture and its progress has multiplied the importance of Intellectual Property and aided to its growth as well. With time, as we foresee emerging new trends in technology and innovation, I am of the opinion that Intellectual Property shall gain momentum over time. 

Do you believe the democratisation of AI will make protecting IP complicated? 

Arushi: Yes of course, the democratisation of AI would make protecting IP complicated, especially if it would lack complete regulation. Therefore, absolute democratisation is a big no for the AI industry. Like in realm of e- commerce or influencer advertising, regulations have been introduced, it is necessary that the regulations for AI are introduced as well. To the least, it would at least help us decide and design the ambit of IP operations in the industry.     

When it comes to marketing your firm, do you believe the Bar Council rules are a thing of the past?

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Arushi: The rules of Bar Council prohibit lawyers from advertising/ marketing their services. However, with emerging means of interaction, like webinars, seminars, and various other networking events, I do believe that these rules are now redundant. Even though direct means of marketing/ advertising are still not available, various other modes of reaching out to new clients are always accessible to most of the firms. 

What are the three things you will tell someone who is looking to start their own law firm?

Arushi:  Even though I believe every one’s situation while starting their own law firm or commencing their independent practice would differ, I would share three tips or beliefs that I believe in and the ones that have worked for me the most: 

  • The journey and each day of work will be exhausting, on some days the clients would not be kind and on others your team may not be cooperative but, love what you do and you won’t be tired even for one day; 
  • There is no shortcut to success, as we have been told but then there is no end point or ultimate goal that we may term as success as well- so always be willing to work harder and accept each day as it comes. Be willing to show up fresh next day no matter how hard your present day was.
  • You may have to start afresh, yes even monetarily, but as long as you are ready to accept that and also willing to be patient and consistent- I am sure you will make an excellent founder as well as leader. 

What are your plans going forward?

Arushi: The plan is to keep going and keep progressing. Develop a cordial team to work with and an environment that would provide growth to each one of us.


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