How To Increase The Following of Your Law Firm’s Linkedin Page

This article has been written by our BD and social media consultants Akshit Prajapati and Anam Khan.

Establishing a strong online presence is indispensable for law firms aiming to expand their reach and enhance their market position. LinkedIn, as the premier professional networking platform, offers a unique opportunity for law firms to connect with potential clients, collaborate with industry peers, and showcase their expertise. However, with numerous firms vying for attention, simply having a presence on LinkedIn is not enough. Firms need to adopt strategic measures to stand out and attract a substantial following. This article outlines practical strategies to amplify your law firm’s LinkedIn presence, ensuring that it not only reaches a wider audience but also engages them effectively.

Optimise Profiles with Keywords

One crucial aspect of enhancing your law firm’s LinkedIn profile is the strategic use of keywords. If you’ve conducted keyword research as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, LinkedIn offers ample opportunities to incorporate these keywords across various sections of your page. For firms just beginning their keyword strategy, tools within the Google Analytics suite can aid in identifying relevant terms that align with your services and expertise.

Start by integrating keywords into the tagline and “About” section of your firm’s profile. This not only helps clarify your services but also optimises your LinkedIn page for search engines. Continue by ensuring these keywords appear throughout your profile—such as in descriptions of your vision, mission, values, and the specific services you offer. This structured approach is recommended by LinkedIn and enhances your page’s visibility and searchability, effectively turning your LinkedIn profile into a powerful SEO tool.

Engage Your Employees

Your legal team’s active participation on LinkedIn is essential for amplifying your firm’s content and increasing its reach. Encourage your attorneys to not only maintain their professional profiles but also to engage regularly with the firm’s posts. This can include liking, commenting, and sharing firm updates, which significantly boosts post visibility due to LinkedIn’s algorithms favouring content with high early engagement.

Additionally, make it a routine to notify your employees whenever new content is posted to the firm’s LinkedIn page to ensure it receives immediate attention. This practice not only fosters a collaborative social media culture but also leverages your employees’ networks to extend the reach of your content.

Add a ‘Follow’ Button

Make it easy for people to follow your LinkedIn page by adding a ‘Follow’ button in key places. Include it in your website’s footer, in emails you send out, in your employees’ email signatures, and at the end of your blog posts. This way, anyone interested in your firm can connect with you on LinkedIn with just one click, helping you grow your online presence effortlessly. 

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Post Consistently with a Content Calendar

Regular activity on LinkedIn is vital to keep your law firm visible and top of mind among your connections and potential clients. The key to consistent posting is planning and organisation, which can be achieved through a content calendar. This tool helps you map out your posting schedule, ensuring a balanced mix of content types—from articles and case studies to updates about the firm and employee highlights. 

By maintaining a steady stream of content, you not only increase the opportunities for engagement but also enhance the likelihood that LinkedIn users will follow your page. Each post is an invitation to engage with your firm, learn more about your services, and share your content with others, expanding your reach and influence on the platform.

Utilise LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Embracing LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform can significantly differentiate your law firm from the competition. Long-form content plays a crucial role in establishing thought leadership and showcasing your firm’s expertise on a platform used by over 700 million users. Remarkably, less than one per cent of LinkedIn users publish long-form articles using this feature, presenting a unique opportunity for your firm to stand out.

Consider starting with content types that naturally extend your existing marketing materials, such as newsletters. This not only provides a regular touchpoint with your audience but also highlights your firm’s depth of knowledge and ongoing activities. If you’re unsure about original content to begin with, repurposing successful posts from your blog or website is an effective strategy. For example, a well-received blog post about recent changes in compliance regulations can be adapted into a LinkedIn article, providing valuable insights directly where industry professionals are already engaged.

This approach not only increases your visibility but also encourages deeper engagement with your content, as long-form articles provide more substance than typical posts. By consistently contributing thoughtful and informative content, your firm can establish its members as authoritative experts in their respective legal fields.

Use Relevant Hashtags in Each Post

Incorporating hashtags into your LinkedIn posts is increasingly crucial for ensuring that your content reaches the right audience. Use up to three relevant hashtags per post to enhance discoverability. For example, if your firm specialises in real estate law, you might use hashtags like #RealEstateLaw, #PropertyRights, and #LegalAdvice. Additionally, create and consistently use a firm-specific hashtag to build a recognisable brand presence on LinkedIn. This practice not only ties all your posts together but also makes it easier for interested parties to find and follow your content related to specific topics or discussions.

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Expand Your Network

LinkedIn thrives on connections, making network expansion essential for enhancing your firm’s visibility. Start by ensuring your profile and firm page are fully optimised to showcase your achievements and value proposition. Then actively reach out to make new connections within your industry and invite existing contacts to follow your LinkedIn page. Personalised connection requests can be very effective—mention a common interest or how a connection could be mutually beneficial. This proactive approach not only increases your followers but also strengthens your professional relationships, laying a solid foundation for future interactions and opportunities.

Thought leadership 

Thought leadership is an invaluable strategy for law firms aiming to establish credibility and distinguish themselves in a competitive market. By consistently sharing expert insights and commentary on pertinent legal issues, firms can position themselves as authoritative voices within the legal community. This reputation for expertise not only enhances the firm’s brand but also builds trust with potential clients who are likely to seek out proven experts in times of need. Additionally, thought leadership content such as articles, white papers, and webinars can significantly increase a firm’s visibility, driving website traffic and improving search engine rankings, which are crucial for digital marketing success.

Enhancing your law firm’s following on LinkedIn requires a combination of strategic content creation, active engagement, and network expansion. By optimising your firm’s profile with relevant keywords, engaging your legal team in content promotion, and consistently posting valuable, insightful content, you can significantly increase your visibility and influence on the platform. Remember, the key to LinkedIn success lies in persistent effort and strategic planning, ensuring every post and interaction contributes to building a stronger, more engaging LinkedIn presence for your law firm. With these strategies in play, your firm is well-equipped to attract more followers, generate leads, and ultimately, achieve greater success in the digital world.

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