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Web Designing

Client Name: Balaji Law Chambers

Sector: Leading law firm in Kolkata

About the Client

Balaji Law Chambers is a leading full-service law firm in Kolkata. With a strong client focus, the firm is passionate about representing their clients’ best interests and to not only resolve their legal matters in a suitable timeframe, but to deliver their legal services in the most cost effective manner for the clients.

What we did?

The client’s previous website was in extremely poor shape. We revamped the website from scratch, streamlining the layout and coordinating with the client to create content that makes an impact on their target clientele. The practice area and about the firm pages were especially curated keeping in mind the requirements of the firm and the instructions of the CEO, Mr. Abhishek Dutt.

The cornerstone of our focus in this project was integrating the purple colour suggested by the client in a way that is not too loud, as well as the user experience and client conversion. 

Mr. Abhishek Dutt was extremely happy with our work and has continued to keep the firm on a retainer. We currently manage end-to-end content on the website.

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