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5 Top Real Estate Law Firms in Delhi

Looking for a real estate law firm in Delhi? In this article, Team Ghostline Legal has compiled a list of the top 5 real estate law firms in Delhi. Happy reading!

Sankhla & Associates

About the Firm: Sankhla & Associates has been instrumental in structuring transactions ranging from development of townships, commercial, residential and institutional complexes. They take pride in being involved in each and every step from land acquisition, construction and development to ultimate sale of built up units. They are renowned for experienced and intelligent intervention to provide simple solutions to complex transactions, to provide real estate lawyer advice that has a solution-oriented approach and their legal expertise also includes Public Private Partnerships, Investments, Collaboration Agreements, Construction Contracts and End to End documenting of transactions.

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A Agarwalla.Co

About the Firm: A Agarwalla & Co. offers expert legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations by addressing their diverse needs in relation to their legal matters. Specializing in property transactions and disputes, the real estate law firm in India provides legal support through experienced real estate lawyers. The expertise spans from drafting and negotiating property deals to resolving complex real estate litigation. The law firm also helps in land acquisition, zoning laws and property dispute resolution, and provides representation in real estate transactions, from due diligence to contract execution, handling real estate developments and financing structures, helping clients navigate the real estate law with ease.


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G.S. Bagga and Associates

About the firm: Law Office of G.S. Bagga & Associates firm has an exclusive team of experienced real estate and property lawyer in Delhi. It is fully dedicated to ensure that our clients meet all the compliances of property and real estate issues. The firm’s team includes highly experienced property case specialist lawyers in Delhi and real estate experts familiar with all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions, leases and provisions of security involved in financial transactions. 



Ricky Chopra – Advocates and Legal Advisors

About the firm: RCIC, a property law firm in Delhi advise its clients on all property-related matters including sale and purchase of property, mortgaging of property, gifting of property, drafting and execution of conveyancing deeds, etc. The law firm was established as ‘Chopra & Associates’ in 1972 by the Chopra family of lawyers and was renamed as ‘Ricky Chopra International Counsels’ in 2016. Mr. Ricky Chopra, Advocate who is presently the senior most lawyer in the family structure and is the Chairman of the firm, has been instrumental in positioning the firm in the global arena. The property law domain has transitioned recently with the enactment of the new RERA law. The firm’s expert lawyers at RCIC with their vast experience and acumen have handled a variety of cases involving both movable and immovable property. From partition, succession to sale- purchase, mortgage, and other forms of transfer, the property lawyers can guide you in all important cases.

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Jotwani Associates

About the firm: The law firm of Jotwani Associates has a specialized team of knowledgeable real estate and property lawyers in Delhi. It is entirely determined to make sure that all of the requirements for real estate and property adherence are met by their clients. With vast experience in all facets of real estate development, sales, acquisitions, rentals, & security arrangements for financial transactions, the firm’s team consists of highly skilled property lawyers in Delhi to handle all your legal matters in a timely manner. The firm helps individuals & corporations with real estate issues like paperwork clearing, title searches, & property disputes. They carry out research to provide a statement for the property to see whether the ownership is valid for sale or development (such as building, flattening, or installing fencing). For the client, they also look into any outstanding debts on the property. They offer legal counsel on a variety of real estate issues. To comply with regulatory requirements, they draft MOUs, leasing agreements, leaves and licence agreements, etc. for their clients.



(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms or individuals associated with them.)


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