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5 Top Real Estate Law Firms in Bangalore

Looking for a real estate law firm in Bangalore? In this article, Team Ghostline Legal has compiled a list of the top 5 real estate law firms in Bangalore. Happy reading!

Lex Situs

About the firm: Lex Situs, a renowned corporate law and real estate advisory firm. The firm, is founded by renowned attorney Mrs. Roopa Shetty and supported by a committed and skilled team of attorneys, combining experience and vigor to handle any case and find the best resolution for their clients. The firm’s team of professional civil lawyers provides you with legal opinions on all your Real Estate Queries. Land, buildings, and things permanently attached to land and buildings. Also called realty and real property. The firm has expertise in the fields of Sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters, Matters relating to lease, charges and mortgages of property, Disputes relating to sale of immovable property, Matters related to exchange, gifts, actionable claims, Land acquisition and any matters related to Real Estate.



Ramniwas Surajmal

About the firm: Ramniwas Surajmal is a leading Full fledged law firm having offices in Bangalore,Kolkata and Kharagpur. Incorporated in 2018 as a primary litigation practice by Mr.Anupam Agarwal, Ramniwas Surajmal gradually expanded its field of service and expertise and is now one of the leading full fledged law firms in Bangalore. The  have the specialized knowledge and expertise in their real estate practice and offer the best advice on title due diligence, transactions, joint development projects, construction contracts, lease contracts, financing deals, and dispute resolution, they combine their legal expertise and commercial acumen. For a wide range of clients, including land owners, developers, construction companies, investors, lenders, corporates, and HNI buyers, this team has worked on some of the largest, most notable, and complex engagements. The team is able to use its prior interactions with numerous state authorities and regulators, as well as its experience and knowledge of local regulatory issues, to offer practical and goal-oriented advice.

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GR Associates

About the firm: GR Associates has the team of best property lawyers in Bangalore. It was incorporated by SANTHOSH G R in the year 2006. He possesses 15+ years of experience in property legal verification/documentation and consultancy. The core team of GR Associates is well trained in legal documentation, research, registration, Katha transfer, drafting sales deeds, and sales registration in Bangalore. The team also is well equipped with the best lawyers in Bangalore for property disputes. 



VSK & Co. Advocates & Legal Consultants

About the firm: VSK & Co has been providing legal services since 2009. The team at VSK & Co, are specialized with over 25 years of experience. The firm has grown over the years in the practice areas of property law, civil law, criminal law, corporate law and family law. Advocate Satheesh Kumar V, the Founder of Vsk & Co Advocates & Legal Consultants, is the Managing Attorney with over 14+ years of experience in the legal industry, giving a demonstrated history by serving both national as well as international clients. Advocate Satheesh Kumar has given opportunities to young lawyers, by facilitating their growth and inculcating them with legal knowledge through his established law firm.

Advocate Satheesh Kumar V’s team through his support and positive feedback have been able to serve over 10,000+ clients. Through his leadership qualities, team management and Advocate-Client relationship; he has been able to serve numerous clients by his 2 branches of law firm with one located in Bangalore and another in Hyderabad.

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SS Law 

About the firm: SS Law has a robust real estate practice driven by a dedicated team of professionals. The Firm dedicates itself to providing comprehensive due diligence and title verification legal services of property stocks on pan India basis on the various real estate companies of providing the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation which is critical, expedient and indispensable for evaluation, investment and transactions. They advise clients and prepare legal documentation for the purchase, sale, lease, rent, mortgage, development, joint venture, construction and in all transactions related to the properties including commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential. 

They also advise clients on the applicable local laws, stamp duties, registration requirements and regulatory and statutory approvals. The firm is led by Sudhindra Bhat who is one of the best Lawyers in Bengaluru, Litigator, Property Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, etc and he manages the day-to-day affairs of the firm. He has good exposure in Civil Laws, Commercial Laws, Corporate Laws, Property Laws, Labour Laws, Real estate, Employment, Divorce Laws, Family Laws and Criminal Laws. 

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(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms or individuals associated with them.)

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