5 Top Intellectual Property (IP) Law Firms in Bangalore

Looking for a law firm providing Intellectual Property (IP) law services in Bangalore? In this article, Team Ghostline Legal has compiled a list of the top 5 Intellectual Property (IP) law firms in Bengaluru. Happy reading!

Intepat IP

About: Intepat® is the most trusted intellectual property consulting firm (IP Firm) headquartered in Bangalore, India. We specialize in providing customized services in intellectual property matters, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and industrial design, both in India and internationally. Our team comprises experienced and highly skilled IP attorneys, patent agents, trademark attorneys, and researchers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

Website: https://www.intepat.com/

Email: contact@intepat.com

Afsar and Associates

About: Afsar & Associates is a full service law firm specializing in Intellectual Property Law, comprised of a group of Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Attorney-at-law, highly qualified engineers and paralegals. They assist domestic as well as foreign clients (including Corporations, Research Institutes, SMEs, Start-up’s and Government entities) to procure and protect Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in India as well as in foreign jurisdiction with high-quality work.

Website: https://www.afsarandassociates.com/

Email: afsar@afsarandassociates.com

ANS IP Management

About the firm: ANS IP Management Services was established in early 2013 and within a short period of its inception, they made a boosting client base of more than 100 in the field patent services in India. The client base includes MNCs, medium scale companies, start-ups, Educational Institutions and individuals.

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The company has an in counsel team of expert and experienced patent agents, patent engineers, analysts, illustrators and attorneys. ANS also possesses a huge in-house counsel team comprising PHD professionals and professionals with huge industry experience. Thus ANS team possess a core technical knowledge as well as legal expertise to formulate a well verged techno-legal team.

Website: https://www.ansipms.com/

Email: info@ansipms.com


About the firm: IPRinn has an extended legacy of helping clients overcome obstacles both now and in the future by providing clear guidance—even on complex issues. We have been paying attention to the needs of our clients, and we will keep growing in response to how IP rights evolve and the needs of our clients. We provide top-notch trademark, copyright, patent, and design registration services. Customers can select from a range of Trademark, Patent, Copyright, and Design registration packages offered by the youthful, enthusiastic team at IPRinn Associates, which consists of lawyers and attorneys. These packages safeguard both registered and unregistered trademarks, patents, and copyright, among other intellectual property. 

Along with matters pertaining to Intellectual Property Laws, the Law Firm also provides value-added services like trademark searches, legal opinions, advice regarding possible conflicting marks, thorough search reports, and responses to office actions.

Website: https://iprinn.com/

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Email: contact@iprinn.com

Aarde Law Chambers

About the firm: Established in 2020, Aarde Law Chambers is the next generation law firm founded by Akshatha M Patel focusing on Technology and IPR laws (Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Design etc. )  in Bangalore, India. The firm is primarily located in Bangalore, India and has fostered a network of lawyers nationally and internationally to assist clients flawlessly for their legal requirements.

The firm value, investigate, draft contracts, assess risks, vet documents, draft policies, file for trademark, copyright, patents, designs etc. and provide litigation services for clients. Whether it’s a company, small business, government organization, start-up or an MSME, they help them to recognize their IP assets and protect it the best way possible. Our team is young, dedicated and focused on sustainable growth.

Website: https://www.aardelawchambers.com/

Email: info@aardelawchambers.com

(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms)


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