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5 Top Criminal Law Firms in Kolkata

Looking for top criminal law firms in Kolkata for legal advisory or litigation? In this article, our team has prepared a list of the Top 5 Criminal Law Firms in the city of Kolkata. Read on!

Jus novum

About the firm: Jus novum has a team of top-rated professionals with domain expertise in diverse legal matters exhibiting proven competence and integrity with a unique combination of local insights and global perspectives.

The firm deals with litigation and non-litigation matters for individuals and corporate houses in the Supreme Court of India, State High Courts and Judicial & Quasi-judicial Tribunals.



A.K Legal Advisors 

About the firm: AK Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates has become one of the leading criminal legal firms in Kolkata and West Bengal since its establishment in 2007. This organization is well-known for their commitment and proficiency in delivering prompt and efficient legal resolutions to clients, ensuring that justice is not only served, but also obtained without unnecessary difficulty.

AK Legal Advisors / RD Lawyers & Associates is highly distinguished in the field of criminal law due to their shown expertise in successfully managing intricate matters with meticulousness and proficiency. Their experienced criminal attorneys are skilled at maneuvering through the complexities of the legal system, guaranteeing that clients obtain the most effective defense.

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S. Dutt & Co.

About the firm: S. Dutt & Co. has established itself as a leading criminal law company in Kolkata, known for its unshakable dedication to justice and superior legal expertise. S. Dutt & Co. has established a reputation for being highly skilled, dependable, and committed to providing legal services in the field of criminal law.

S. Dutt & Co. specializes in offering strong criminal defense services, with a staff of highly skilled lawyers that possess extensive expertise and experience in criminal law. They have extensive knowledge and experience in handling a diverse range of criminal cases, including both high-profile and ordinary legal matters. This guarantees that every client is provided with thorough and proficient representation.



PKS Legal 

About the firm: PKS Legal takes pride in being the trusted legal advisors, offering comprehensive and reliable legal solutions tailored to meeting the needs. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, the firm has been serving clients with utmost dedication since our inception.

PKS Legal Advocates & Associates is renowned for its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law. The firm’s staff of proficient solicitors has significant expertise in managing a broad spectrum of criminal matters, ranging from petty offenses to intricate, well-known court proceedings. Clients receive top-tier representation because of their profound comprehension of the legal system.

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J. Banerjee & Co

About the firm: J. Banerjee & Co., Advocates, is a highly esteemed criminal law company in Kolkata, known for its unwavering commitment to justice and superior legal expertise. The firm has established an excellent reputation for delivering thorough and efficient legal representation in criminal cases, thanks to its staff of exceptionally talented lawyers.

J. Banerjee & Co., Advocates, specialises in criminal law, providing clients with strong defence tactics and knowledgeable legal advice. The solicitors at the firm have vast expertise in managing a diverse range of criminal matters, ranging from minor infractions to intricate, high-stakes legal disputes. Clients obtain exceptional legal representation due to their profound comprehension of criminal law.



(This article is considered a compilation and is not an attempt to solicit by any of the listed firms)


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