3 Features Every Law Firm Website Should Have

There are lots of decisions to make when you design a law firm website. Colors, fonts, images, layouts, and site structure are all things that can heavily influence a website’s look and feel. When it comes down to the basics, however, there are three features that every law firm website should have:

1. Mobile Responsive Web Design

In the day and age of smartphones and tablets, a mobile-responsive website is critical. A responsive site ensures that the website is tailored for each device. This means there is no more pinching to zoom in and out in order to navigate the website. Instead, the website will automatically adjust the resolution and content order for a smaller screen to make the navigation as simple as possible for the user.

2. Page Speed

If your website doesn’t load quickly–you might lose a potential visitor and a potential client. No one likes to wait for an extremely slow website, so make sure you’re optimizing your loading time. Even if you have a really neat design element, it needs to be removed if it’s compromising the speed of the website.

3. Effective Call To Action (CTA) Features

The majority of websites have a “Contact Us” page. This is helpful, but having quick methods to contact the law firm is more effective than just the one page on the website. These methods can range from including the firm’s phone number in the header so that it appears on every page, to having a contact form that appears on the practice areas page. Another simple method is to include the attorney’s email on the profile page. By providing easy methods to contact the firm, potential clients will be more likely to reach out and contact you.

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At Ghostline Legal India, we have the experience to help make your vision become a reality as we work with you to create a law firm website design that encompasses the best features for a law firm. 

Contact us today to see if we’re a good fit for your firm.

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